We Go Like Water

by Friday, May 27, 2016

After hitting us with a couple of new tracks in late 2015, Flume is about to drop his much anticipated sophomore release, Skin. Flume is known for producing tracks with a very distinct style- an almost spacey, destructive sound, focused heavily on synths and piano cords- and Like Water definitely fits that description. MNDR (pronounced "mander") lends desperate, passionate vocals to the track's weighty bass and synths. I'm really enjoying the sort of futuristic, dark and spacey sounds producers like Flume, Louis Futon, Vanic and Weathin (to name a few) have been employing lately. To me it signals a progression in the genre- one I have to say I'm quite happy about. Let's hope all of our favourite artists continue to push their musical boundaries.

BONUS: Tiny Cities with Beck is another incredible track worth noting from the upcoming album.