Still Waters

by Friday, February 05, 2016

February 5th could not come fast enough. Breakbot has finally unleashed his follow up album 'Still Waters' and it comes with a fury of jams ranging from funky dancefloor disco hits to slow jam love ballads. Of course, the french duo (of sorts) Irfane and Breakbot, did not dissapoint. They pick things up right where they left off.

It feels like perhaps there is a more dynamic relationship between Ifrane and Breakbot in this project. Breakbot declared on reddit today, "I still feel like I'm breakbot. But this album was made by us 2. I just felt it was stupid to change the name of the project between two records. Irfane was here since my first EP on ed banger." when asked about Irfane becoming an official member of Breakbot. Titles aside, I've really grown to expect Irfane's complimentry vocals over Breakbot's canvass of colourful synths and funky basslines.

Stream the entire album on Spotify. Or check out a select tracklist on Ed Bangers' soundcloud.