Well I Just Dance the Way I Feel

by Sunday, January 25, 2015

In August 2010, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's front-man Charles Haddon took his own life in the backstage artist's parking area after a performance at the Pukkelpop music festival in Belgium. Earlier that evening, Ou Est's Keyboardist Joe Hutchinson and Haddon chose to stage dive and one unfortunate young girl was seriously injured. Haddon, apparently distressed after his set and after seeing the girl be carted away, climbed a 60-foot tower and plunged to his death.

When Dance the Way I Feel was released in September of 2009, it quickly become a favourite. I remember how excited I was when I first discovered the song and couldn't wait to get down to it with a bunch of friends, or hear Lil' Rick play the AVH mix in one of his sets. As a tribute to this amazing track, three remixes have been released courtesy of Set Mo, PACES and Luke Million. As much as I am happy one of my favourite songs has been reworked, I would be a lot happier if Haddon was still with us and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were still making music.