Bondax is cool, Snakehips is cool. That's pretty much a recipe for awesome! This one is not new at all, but I recently happened upon it and thought I would share. Love the vibez.

Heavy hitters Empire of the Sun return this week with two new singles. Definitely delivering some of that classic Empire of the Sun sound that we love. Trippy.

Full disclosure. I have no clue who Goldwash or Melle Jutte are. First, 'Malady' somehow snuck into my soundcloud feed and I'm very excited it did. The pitch vocals with falsetto chorus makes for a head bobbing good time. From there I checked out some of the Goldwash original stuff... Loving it. Check him out for more.

Take me 'igher. Okay, this might have some heavy OMI - Chearleader vibez but I have to say it's damn catchy. Tresor get's a tropidisco make-over from Freddy Verano that's perfect to squeeze the last month of summer!

Sometimes less is more. This is one of those times, St. Lucia absolutely knocked this remix out of the park. From the arpeggiated baseline to the intricate percussion, every sound fits together like a perfectly constructed puzzle. Turn it up, preferably on repeat.

I love this one. 'Cowards' strikes a unique balance between hip-hop, R&B and pop. Raleigh Ritchie's latest release 'You're a Man Now, Boy' is as versatile as it's creator. BTW if you're wondering why he looks so familiar...

A-Trak is back this month with two new remixes and guess what- as expected they are ze best. First teaming up with Corey Enemy, he drops a summer beachhouse mix of LEON's 'Tired of Talking'. Then he turns around puts his spin on Bob Moses' 'Tearing Me Up'. The contrast between both mixes shows his versatility as a producer and just shows that no matter what he touches turns to straight gold! Always #1 in our hearts! Never changed.