Berry Juice, get your Berry Juice! This is a sound that is tough to tackle, the funk is just so heavy. The whole track feels like slow motion potion to make your toes tap. Between the pitched down vocals and synth solo feels like they are really on to something here.

Hello Weekend. Turn up some Bee's Knees! These guys have a knack for pumping out some nice pop dancefloor shiz. Time to turn it up, blend some daiquiris and go benenes. Stay safe y'all!

Admittedly, I had never heard of NYC/Miami producer HtPkt until this morning when I stumbled upon what appears to be his first original release in Running. Backed by lovely vocals from Celestial (who I had also never heard of- what gives?!), this future bass track packs fervid lyrics with a hard bass line, a hypnotizing guitar riff, beautiful keyboard work, and mega-catchy synths. Can't wait to see what the future holds for both HtPkt and Celestial- if Running is any indication, it should be bright for the both of them.

Is it just me or does this song sound like it's in slow motion? Whethan and Oliver Tree team up for this one and it's amazing. First came across Whethan with his remix of Sensation (included it as a bonus) that became abusively repeated this summer. Stoked to hear more from these young stunnas.

The Temper Trap hit my radar while I was living in Quebec and I stumbled upon their track Sweet Disposition, which soon found itself on repeat for weeks. I decided to check out their album, Conditions, and I've been a big fan from then on. Remixes from the likes of Keljet, RAC, Axwell & Dirty South, and now Britain's HONNE, have only furthered my admiration for these guys. The Temper Trap's most recent single, an earnestly romantic ballad titled Lost, reminds me of their earlier days and would have fit right in on their debut album. With the remix, the boys from HONNE bring some major synth quavers and explosions that polish the original up quite nicely, while Dougy Mandagi's distinctive voice floats effortlessly across the entire production. There's no question this one from The Temper Trap and HONNE is going to find itself on repeat for awhile.

Some beach vibes. Tobtok adds some of of his signature sound to Jodie Abacus' 'I'll Be That Friend'.

Feels like the latest version. Justice finally strikes back with a couple of new releases. The latest 'Randy' features some classic Justice grimy disco vibez. Falsetto vocals package the whole thing up. Can't freaking wait to hear more.