Feels like the latest version. Justice finally strikes back with a couple of new releases. The latest 'Randy' features some classic Justice grimy disco vibez. Falsetto vocals package the whole thing up. Can't freaking wait to hear more.

He's back. Feels like a minute since I've seen or heard anything from Afrojack. Teaming up with Ty Dolla $ign, they bring us 'Gone', the track strikes an interest balance between tropical house and rap track. Interesting to see Afrojack getting behind a different sound. As a bonus I also threw in his recent remix of Bieber's 'Cold Water'.

It's a crying shame Stockholm's Oliver Nelson didn't release this one a couple months earlier as it's fit for sipping cold ones in the sun. Ain't A Thing is a funky poolside disco track packing a ton of groove with Kaleem Taylor's fantastic vocals riding perfectly on top. Packed with smooth keys and a tasty baseline, this one is guaranteed to get your hips shakin'. Let's pray there are a couple more hot days left before fall sets in so we can bang it poolside.

I caught St. Lucia this summer at OSL. Have to say left a much bigger fan. This remix of Elevate by John Wizards only continues to build on my obsession. Balancing analog and digital the track has a unique hip-hop, jazz vibe that completely flips the original on it's head. There is just too much interesting going on!

Dancing all alone in the moonlight. French Horn Rebellion comes in hot with 'The Right Time'. I'm a long time fan and it's cool to hear that they are still producing a similar sound that I first fell for. Don't you ever go changing on us.

Opia is here. 'Shadow Dances' blends soul-filled falsetto vocals with some very interesting instrumentation. Next step bring in Christofi to remix the shiz out of it. As a bonus I've also included 'YDU'. I feel this may be just the tip of the iceberg for the two and can't wait to here some more.

Bondax is cool, Snakehips is cool. That's pretty much a recipe for awesome! This one is not new at all, but I recently happened upon it and thought I would share. Love the vibez.